White Hot Magazine presents Contra Gallery X Distassi Art - NY via LDN

Contra Gallerys 122, 26th street, New York, NY, 1001, USA, 7 - 11 March 2019
Contra Gallerys 122, 26th street, New York, NY, 1001, USA RSVP at info@distassiart.com 11:00-24:00

Whitehot Magazine presents NYC via LDN; a transatlantic collaboration between Distassi Art and Contra Galleries - featuring works by Hambleton, Schoony and more


New York City, NY / March 7-10 - NYC via LDN is the upcoming collaborative exhibition presented by Whitehot Magazine during Armory Week [7th-10th March]. It will feature works from the esteemed collections of London’s Distassi Art and New York’s Contra Galleries. Original pieces by world-renowned artists such as Richard Hambleton, Schoony and Delta 2 will be on show; giving contemporary art fans a unique opportunity to see them all in the same room.

In the short time since their launch in 2017, Distassi Art have carved out an impressive niche for themselves in London’s thriving commercial art market. A swift rise to prominence combined with a wide range of contacts, in and out of the art world, has given Distassi Art a firm hold on the competition. From artists at the epicentre of both the street art and modern art scenes, to prominent figures in the music, fashion and financial sectors; DA’s contact book is placed at the bubbling intersection of progress and reliability.

Contra Galleries is a 5,000 sqft art and creative space the has monthly openings with emerging and established artists in the heart of Chelsea, New York. They care about the artists of New York City and give them a place to create, promote, and exhibit their works.

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art LLC was founded by artist Noah Becker in 2005. Over more than a decade Whitehot Magazine has become one of the most popular international art magazines. Becker has published over 300 writers since the magazine was founded, many of them the top art writers and critics. Whitehot has also introduced many new voices to the art writing world and beyond.


*Artworks will be available to purchase directly through Distassi Art on the night