Contemporary Art Curator - D’Stassi Art, The London Based Contemporary Art Gallery changing the way we collect art

Roo Nair, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, September 17, 2020

D'Stassi Art was founded in 2017 by lifelong friends Michael Howes & Edward Sanders. Since D'Stassi Art's inception, the two have cultivated & grown an exceptionally exciting brand that continues to break the boundaries of accessibility and creation. Since the company's inception, D'Stassi Art has established a unique platform for the world's most inspiring emerging talent. In the traditionally exclusive art world, D'Stassi Art looks to discover, encourage and help introduce clients to works of art based purely on how passionate we are about them. The gallery has helped to introduce a variety of the art world's clientele to important contemporary artists through immersive and inclusive events.




D'Stassi Art's main goal is to be as open and transparent as possible with a clear purpose to diversify contemporary art audiences. In its reluctance to simply follow the traditional gallery formula, D'Stassi Art is quickly becoming a key player in a world where art doesn't have to be experienced in an elitist, sterile and often silent white-walled room. The gallery and its staff act as storytellers: primarily introducing clients to the story of some of the world's most gifted artists.




The D’Stassi Art Spotlight series is an opportunity for us to shine a light on artists that we believe are creating unique, exciting and dynamic work. We commission exclusive pieces which are then sold through our digital store, allowing new buyers to become part of each artist’s journey. We try to price the works so that the collections are inclusive and accessible, targeting new art lovers and seasoned collectors alike. There is no fixed method by which we choose Spotlight artists - what unifies them is their creative spark and singular vision. We seek out artists whose styles are personal, tending towards the most honest and expressive pieces that we can find.




The current spotlight artist is Bonnie & Clyde launching with D’Stassi Art on 16th September


Bonnie and Clyde is a contemporary British artist, whose mixed media collage and print-work centers around scenes of the urban imagary. Crossing medium and type, Bonnie and Clyde’s work takes the form of limited edition screen-prints, mixed media originals on paper, wood and canvas as well as 3D pieces. Employing a blend of photography, collage and paint, the emotive art of Bonnie and Clyde explores the psychogeography of the metropolis, immersing the viewer in beautiful and bizarre cityscapes.



“The Power is from photos I took in Venice and Santa Monica LA with a tree taken on a Mexico beach after a stormy day. Although small for one of my works It feels an imposing piece . It’s based around the theory that we are all made of energy and we have as much power as we allow - the idea that power of one connected to source is greater than millions. Good Day is a piece from a few years ago. This represents the title - good day - when everything is beautiful - even those things that seem broken and a little run down - it all makes for a beautiful life. They are both a celebration of who we are.” - Bonnie and Clyde on her Spotlight works. 




The two limited edition works that Steph has created for her D’Stassi Art Spotlight collaboration are endlessly intriguing, filled with more wonder with every view. Texture and detail is packed in, with elements colliding joyfully - showcasing the eclectic nature of her process. They will be available only via the Spotlight Store - on a short run.