Richard Hambleton

Before Banksy, there was Richard Hambleton...
August 15, 2018

Before Banksy, there was Richard Hambleton. in the ’80s, Hambleton's “spooky” silhouette paintings (which looked like someone’s shadow and which he drew in the dark of night) appeared on the sides of manhattan buildings. regarded as a genius of his time, his work was on the rise in both demand and value. Hambleton fell victim to drug addiction and became homeless. twenty years later, the artist is rediscovered and presented with the opportunity to redeem himself.


"I'm dealing with feelings and human emotions."


D'Stassi Art are pleased to announce a screening and exhibition at The Groucho Club, London. Displaying our incredible collection of Hambleton masterpieces, originals and editions, this display pays homage to the Godfather of Street Art and New York graffiti legend Richard Hambleton.


The D'Stassi Art team.