Adam Handler: Our latest addition to the D'Stassi Spotlight roster

22 May - 28 August 2020

​Available now via Spotlight Store

A selection of exclusive canvas works



“There seems to be a balance of whimsy with a bit of a rebellious edge”​ - ​La Maison Rebelle

“​Handler skillfully manipulates form, surface, and color to evoke an immediate response​” - ​WSI

“​Handler’s work is diverse, Outsider-ish, savvy and worldly at the same time” - ​Young Space



Adam Handler, born in Queens - NY, creates dynamic works that express naive chaos through themes of loneliness, imagination, solitude and connection. Handler studied life drawing in Italy and has shown works at exhibitions all around the world, from New York to Seoul. As Adam describes, “when these styles of works that you see were conceived I specifically turned off my mind and allowed only emotion, actions and spirit to guide the works.” This is exemplified in the bold, bright strokes that Handler employs.


There’s no doubt that his pieces are incredibly unique, the work of an individual vision. His studio, a cabin in Armonk, gives him space to create his impressive, large scale works. 

“when creating a work on paper/drawing, I work on the floor leaning over the piece; it’s a personal and psychical experience. Within these intimate confines I feel free to experiment with new concepts. Many of the tiny works on display represent a purging of my thoughts, passions, insecurities, nightmares and dreams.” - Adam Handler

For his Spotlight collection, Handler has created six large scale canvas works and six smaller ghost works. All the works are exclusive originals, each a unique piece. It is an incredible opportunity to acquire art from Handler, one of the most exciting talents of his generation.